What the Show “Friends” Did Right

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The television show Friends was immensely popular. It won 62 Primetime Emmy Awards. According to the Nielsen ratings, it was within the top 5 shows for 9 solid years. Personally, I loved it. Its message said that with the right friends, we can weather anything that life throws at us.

But why was this show so popular? It wasn’t by chance that it became a television giant. Today we’re going to comb through the reasons why I feel the show was successful and how you can use these methods to improve your writing.

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Ten Quote Tuesday (#6)

A Writer's Path


Welcome to another installment of Ten Quote Tuesday! If your creative juices have trouble flowing today, then read these quotes and writing prompts to nudge awake the sleeping muse. If there is a particular quote you enjoyed, let us all know with your comments below.

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Inspiration Point

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An Expert with a Degree or a Self-Taught Smarty?

Angst Anarchy

Admin O of  An Opinionated World is sharing his thoughts on expertise via a mini-rant.  Who doesn’t like an nicely opinionated mini-rant now and then?  The question he’s tackling: Do you need a degree to be an expert? Does that happy little piece of paper make you legit? Take it away, Mr. O!

One of the reason I created my blog a year and a half ago was to voice my opinions, opinions that were sometimes listened to but not often considered valid because I am not an “expert” on the topic. I am amongst the many people who are ignored because the knowledge we speak was not taught to us for years in a classroom and later justified with a piece of paper that says we “passed” the subject. It greatly annoys me when a perfectly legitimate source of information is ignored because they don’t have a degree stating that…

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Believers gotta stop freaking out

Chris Martin Writes

This was my Facebook status earlier today.

Why should it truly matter if people say Xmas or Happy Holidays? If we’re fighting that, it just reveals that we are moved by what people do or say. Stop shouting “Keep Christ in Christmas” and “He is the reason for the season.” If we’re saying those things while judging others, our witness is a big fat zero. Live a life that demonstrates God is on the throne of your heart. Walk in love.

As believers, we get so caught up in what this world is doing, that we tend to forget about why we’re actually in the world.

In Matthew 24, Jesus talks about the end of the world, the last days. Verse 12 says,

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

I’ve always assumed that verse is talking about people who aren’t saved.

What if He’s…

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Under the Microscope: The Raven

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Win a copy of “The Good Lie,” Starring Reese Witherspoon

readful things blog

It is that special time of year when there are contests galore, and here is a very special one. simply share this blog post with your favourite social media outlet and drop me a comment to let me now you have, and you will be entered to win a DVD copy of “The Good Lie.” A winner will be chosen on the 23rd of December!

This film has gotten absolutely fantastic reviews and is definitely worth taking the time to see.

Find out more about the movie below. Happy holidays everyone!


Click on the press release below to enlarge.


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Rainy Days

feeling cool when it’s raining 🙂

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The inevitable future of police bodycams: Video or it didn’t happen? Perhaps the best indicator that the on-officer camera is an idea whose time has come is that business journals are now producing whole articles about the market gains of the companies that provide them. TASER International, Digital Ally, and GoPro have all seen dramatic gains in their valuations as the police surveillance market quietly begins to pick up momentum. Pending Congressional approval, one key driver of this potential windfall will be a new funding initiative from the Obama administration to provide $263 million to improve community relations with police through cameras.

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